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Reviews and Testimonials

As I’ve gotten older, the frequency of muscle strains, sore joints and flexibility limits increased. My wife suggested Pilates which has improved my quality of life. In the two years since I started Pilates, muscle strains and sore joints are dramatically reduced. My flexibility has improved and recovery from recent shoulder surgery was quicker than expected. When I have aches and pains, Amy focuses exercises on my tight muscles and sore joints. This brings gentle but lasting relief. Pilates make it possible for me to enjoy a more active life. Thank you!


A friend of mine asked me to join her at her Pilates class and it has changed my life! it was one of the best decision I have made. Pilates has erased my knee pain which made it possible for me to sleep better!! Overall my body feels so much better!! I love going to the studio because it has such a calming effect on me.


Over several years, I've had four Pilates instructors in the Huntsville area. I chose to stick with Amy because she's quite simply Huntsville's best. She's been my instructor for about two years now. She pays meticulous attention to the needs of your body, whether it's strengthening your core or flexibility or reducing tightness or whatever it is that drove you to Pilates. She's also just the nicest person and always makes great conversation.


After taking a cholesterol medication for 5 years I started to suffer from extreme muscle weakness. This was made worse by a broken ankle and sprained knee, which, while it healed well, left my balance totally off kilter. I had heard Pilates was very good for muscle strengthening and signed up for 5 private classes with Amy spread over a 5 week period. After the 5 private classes I felt so much better that I signed up for 10 more private classes. I also added 2 small group classes a week so that I would be taking Pilates 3 times a week. My balance and muscle strength is improved beyond my wildest expectations. I cannot stress how caring, patient and knowledgable the instructors are. My muscles are not only stronger but my stamina is also greatly improved. I should also mention that the other people taking classes are some of the nicest people I've ever taken classes with. That means a lot as I like to feel comfortable with the people I work out with. In case you're wondering, I am 62. Age makes no difference with Pilates. Anyone CAN and WILL benefit at Pilates of Madison.


Pilates has taught me to breath! We have a tendency to be very shallow breathers. Pilates encourages your body to take deep cleansing breathes.

Pilates has taught me to stand up straight. After a Pilates session, I can actually be taller!

I used to require chiropractic visits every couple of weeks, but since doing Pilates I can feel it massage my spine and line up my neck and strengthen my lower back. My required chiropractic appointments are much fewer.

Pilates has taught me to slow down! I have a tendency to constantly push myself, and Pilates taught me how to slow down, enables me to focus, think more clearly and permission to enjoy life more.